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Aren’t I a woman too?

Do you ever just not want to be yourself? Do you ever wish you were born into another social class, religion, or even race? I do. Why? Because no one wants a dark-skinned girl. 

I wear the skin of my ancestors from way back down the line. I used to wear that skin as if it were gold. That gold soon turn to dust. I used to carry myself as if I were royalty. Soon I realized in this great land of red, white, and blue, I’d never be treated as such. 

I am intelligent, I am beautiful, I am ambitious, I am optimistic, I am benevolent, I am classy, I am wise, but to them I am not. 

To them I am sex, to them I am worthless, to them I am foul, to them I am wrathful, to them I am not a woman.  

But aren’t I? Shouldn’t I be treated with respect? Shouldn’t I be loved? Shouldn’t I feel wanted? 

I’ve never considered my skin as a factor in why I wasn’t treated like everyone else. I thought I was above that. But could what I thought was merely envy be much more?

No one wants a dark-skinned girl, no one wants dark-skinned babies. There’s no value in those. There’s no value in me. 

It’s like we are all looking through one person’s eyes. As if we’ve abandoned the unique visions God had so carefully created for us. We’ve deserted them to desire, even lust, those of our neighbors. We no longer want what we want, but want what other people want- or even what other people approve of us wanting. 

I’m not treated like her because she’s lighter than me. I’m not treated like her because she could give you lighter offspring than I could. 

But aren’t I a woman too?

I swear I’m happy until I see sad post on Tumblr